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Item Description
001.Religious Audio CDs, My Father Loves Me set is missing disk 2.
002.Two religious DVDs
003.Lot of six DVD movies. See pictures for titles.
004.Lot of 7 VHS movies. See pictures for titles
005.lot of 12 VHS movies. See pictures for titles.
006.Lot of 9 religious books. See pictures for titles.
007.Lots of 5 religious books. See pictures for titles.
008.Book, "A Year Through The Torah" By John Parsons. Audio CD is missing.
009.Lot of 4 religious books. See pictures for titles.
010.Lot of 3 Spanish learning/education books. See pictures for titles.
011.Lot of 4 books. See pictures for titles.
012.Lot of 2 books. See pictures for titles.
013.Book, "Anna Karenina" By Leo Tolstoy.
014.Book, "Lone Star Rising" By Elmer Kelton
015.Book, "Lone Star" A History of Texas and the Texans. By T.R. Fehrenbach
016.Book, "Building The Lone Star" By T. Lindsay Baker
017.Nissan Factory Radio, Cassette and CD. Unable to test.
018.5th Wheel Lube Friction Plate. 12"
019.5th Wheel Lube Friction Plate. 12"
020.Chrysler Factory cassette radio. Unable to test.
021.Lot of 2 Haynes automotive repair manuals. See pictures for titles.
022.Chevrolet/GMC Pick-ups Haynes repair manual and parts catalog.
023.20" Captains Wheel, Boat steering wheel. Removed from a Bayliner Boat.
024.Throttle and gear selector unit. Removed from a Bayliner boat.
025.Miscellaneous boat parts. Removed from a Bayliner Boat.
026.Direction Compass, Illuminated, Removed from a Bayliner boat.
027.Halloween Figurine Collectible.
028.Lot of 8 Angel figurines.
029.lot of 7 Angel collectibles.
030.Lot of 2 collectible piggy banks. GumBall bank has a crack. See pictures.
031.Lot of 6 collectibles.
032.Lot of tiny collectibles
033.Lot of tiny whatnot collectibles.
034.Music Box, Dancing Cherub water globe. Note: Globe has no water in it.
035.Lot of Japanese themed pieces.
036.Lot of Collectibles. See pictures.
037.KSA Collectibles, Fabriche Santa Figurine.
038.Harry & David Limited Edition Tea Pot.
039.24K Gold Plated Carousel Horse with Australian Crystal.
040.Epson Stylus PHOTO RX620, Photo Printer Scanner. Powers on, Unable to test further.
041.Epson Stylus PHOTO R340, Photo Printer. Powers on, Unable to test further.
042.Sharp Aquos 20" LCD TV. Missing Power supply. Unable to test.
043.Hollywood, Home Theater 4.1 Surround Sound Speakers
044.RG6 Coaxial Cable Compression Fittings 50pcs per bag.
045.Dr Scholls Foot massage. Tested, Works.
046.Dish Network LNBF units. Lot of 5 mixed units. Unable to test.
047.Direct TV LNBF unit. Unable to test.
048.JVC VCR. Powers on.
049.Panasonic VCR. Powers on.
050.240v to 120v step down transformer.
051.Clamp on Bathtub Handle.
052.Jet 3 power wheel chair. Has built in charger with cord. Has Manual. This chair has been tested. It works but needs new batteries.
053.Jet 3 Power wheel chair. This chair has a built in charger and comes with power cord. This chair has been tested. It works but needs batteries.
054.Handicap stair lift. Has been in storage for several years. was working when removed and placed in storage.
055.Quickie GP Manual Wheel Chair. Shows heavy wear but still rolls easily. See pictures.
056.Set of 3 light fixture Globes.
057.Set of 2 light fixture globes.
058.Lot of mixed candle holders.
059.Set of 3 "J-O-Y" Candle holders
060.Pair of Brass Carousel Horse candlestick holders.
061.Pair of Red Glass Candlestick holders.
062.set of 4 candle holders.
063.Brass & Copper Angel Candlestick holder
064.Tealight Candle Holder
065.Christmas Tree Tealight Candle Holder
066.Ceramic Duck
067.2 decorated blue glass bowls.
068.Decorative Ceramic Basket with strawberries.
069.Lot of inspirational plaques.
070.Small Vase
071.Decorated Ceramic Basket
072.3 glass vases, one has imitation flowers
073.Hanging Decoration.
074.Rustic Framed Picture
075.Lot of small keepsake boxes
076.Christmas/Holiday Wall Clock. Plays a different tune every hour.
077.Box of Christmas tree ornaments/decorations
078.Pair of hanging candle holders.
079.Lot of misc items
080.Lot of picture frames
081.Lot of wall Art
082.Lot of place-mats and coasters.
083.Christmas present soap dispenser
084.Bamboo Vase
085.Animated and lighted Angel Christmas Tree topper
086.Cream and Sugar Set.
087.two weaved baskets
088.2 Glass Vases
089.Lot of picture frames
090.lot of picture frames
091.Lot of picture frames
092.Vintage Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner with Power head. Tested, Works.
093.Glass Floral Design piece.
094.Folding wicker and metal shelf, See pictures for condition.
095.Glass Cookie/Candy Jar with Carousel Design.
096.Duck Platter
097.Serving Platter, Fruit designs
098.Serving Platter with stripe design
099.Serving Platter, Fine China
100.Decorative Plate
101.2 portioned serving trays
102.Set of 4 coffee cups with stand
103.Lot of misc dishes
104.Pair of Crown Royal whiskey glasses. Crown Royal written in base.
105.Pair of Crown Royal whiskey glasses
106.Single Crown Royal whiskey glass
107.set of 8 matching coffee cups
108.Set of 4 matching coffee cups
109.Lot of 6 coffee cups
110.lot of 7 coffee cups
111.Lot of 11 coffee cups
112.Lot of decorated misc coffee cups
113.Lot of insulated mugs
114.Misc Heart Shaped Dishes
115.Vintage Frog Design Canister set with coffee cups and salt-pepper shakers. Sears-Roebuck and Co. 1976
116.Italian Condiments Sunflower Oil. Production and expiration date unknown.
117.Italian Condiments Sunflower Oil. Production and expiration date unknown.
118.Misc kitchen items
119.Japanese Spoon and Bowl set.
120.Reynolds Handi-Vac
121.Set of 4 drinking glasses
122.3 Small Loaf pans.
123.Misc Dishes
124.5 large serving plates
126.Contents of table. (Table Not Included)
127.Cantaloupe Style Water Pitcher
128.White Pitcher
129.Contents of table, Lot of pots and pans. (Table Not Included)
130.Johann Haviland Bavaria Germany. Blue Garland China. Service for 5 with extra pieces.
131.Contents of Table. (Table Not Included)
132.Contents of table. (Table Not Included)
133.Contents of Table. (Table Not Included)
134.Small Drum.
135.Tristar Coronet. For Parts or restore only! Not in working condition.
136.Contents of Table. (Table Not Included)
137.Lot of Belts
138.Imitation Tree.
139.Coleman 110v air pump. Tested, works
140.Contents of Table. (Table Not Included)
141.Small Tailgater BBQ
142.Barbie, Pink Sensations, Special Limited Edition Barbie Doll.
143.Barbie, Pink Sensations, Special Limited Edition Barbie Doll.
144.Barbie, Finger Nail & Polish Set
145.Barbie Doll Outfit
146.Barbie, Bead Jewelry kit.
147.2 games. All pieces appear to be present but not guaranteed. Bid Accordingly
148.2 games. All pieces appear to be present but not guaranteed. Bid Accordingly
149.Workbench/Table clamp on light. No light bulb to test.
150.Bathroom sink Faucet and drain.
151.Fram ExtraGuard CA8602 Air filter. Fits 2001 Volkswagen Jetta and other models.
152.Lighted EXIT Sign. Tested, Lights up
153.Easy Rolling Utility Cart. See pictures for dimensions
154.Double Barrel Air Compressor. Tested, Runs smooth and pumps air, Missing ON/OFF pressure switch.
155.Skill Belt sander, Tested, Works
156.Set of 4 rotating and locking casters.
157.Set of 4 rotating casters
158.Ryobi Laser level. Needs batteries. Untested.
159.Contents of drawer. (Cabinet Not Included)
160.Contents of drawer. (Cabinet Not Included)
162.Contents of drawer. (Cabinet Not Included)
163.Contents of drawer. (Cabinet Not Included)
164.Shop 5 Drawer cabinet. (Cabinet Only No Contents).
165.Bucket Head Shop Vacuum. Designed to snap onto a 5gal bucket. Tested, works
166.110v Exhaust Fan, Tested, works
167.Large Utility/Tool cart. See pictures for dimensions.
168.Large Utility/Tool cart. See pictures for dimensions.
169.Large Fuel Tank. 150 gallon
170.Oxygen/Acetylene hose. 50ft
171.Utility Cart
172.Utility cart, Rolls easily, See pictures for dimensions
173.Utility/Tool cart, Rolls easily, 8" solid wheels, Plywood floor needs replaced, Has Expanded metal shelf/top
174.Plastic/PVC storage cabinet
175.Craftsman Router Table
176.4 Drawer shop filing cabinet on wheels. Selling cabinet and contents in same lot. See pictures for contents.
177.Lot of 10 sanding disks, 9"
178.Lot of 10 sanding disks, 9"
179.Lot of 9 sanding disks, 9"
180.2 lots of 9" sanding disks, 10 in each lot.
181.Metal cutting blade for chopsaw.
182.Lot of 8 sanding disks 9"
183.5 drawer shop filing cabinet and contents. See pictures for contents.
184.Small metal shop cabinet
185.Rolling metal cart and contents.
186.Large Rolling Shelves
187.Tommy Lift,Built by Eagle Lift, Removed from a 1996 Ford Ranger Pickup. Has a custom extension on the tail gate for more lifting area. was use to load and unload Power Wheel chairs. Lift area is 44" deep by 45" wide. Gravity Down, Power up. Working when removed from Pickup. Lift will close all the way, It is open so it would stand up for pictures
188.Headache Rack with removable rear cross support, removed from a 2005 Dodge Dakota.
189.Two plastic Boat Fuel Tanks, One is missing the cap.
190.Two Yamaha Scooters, Make and Model unknown, Lots of parts, No titles. Salvage or parts only.
191.Lot of 4 under body trailer hitches, Class model and fitment unknown.
192.Aluminum Fuel Tank, Removed from a Bayliner Boat. No Leaks, 60" long 8" high and 32" wide.
193.Front right turn signal for 1996 ford ranger pickup.
194.Metal Gas Can
195.Homemade truck bed trailer and contents, Late 80's Ford Ranger, 1 7/8 ball required. No Title.
196.Unknown slip hitch with 1 7/8 ball
197.Misc lot of engine parts. Most are believed to be Chevrolet.
198.A set of GM heads. Removed from a running Dirt track Race car and stored in shop for 7 years. These are 416 heads, 58cc chambers, 1.84/1.50 valves. Perfect Upgrade for a 350 ci engine.
199.2 childrens bicycles
200.275 gallon Tote
201.275 gallon tote
202.55 Gallon Plastic barrel with 3 piece screw on lid.
203.55 gallon plastic barrel with two piece screw on lid.
204.2, 55 gallon metal drums
205.blue 55 gallon plastic barrel.
206.2 pairs of battery boxes for wheel chair or lawn garden batteries.
207.lot of trophies
208.Electric motor. These motors are good for alternative/ wind energy projects.
209.4 ton heat pump unit condenser unit. Non working, Salvage. Bad Compressor.
210.Aluminum Collapsible walkers.
211.Aluminum Collapsible walkers.
212.Lot of two handicap walkers.
213.Manual Wheel Chair
214.Power wheel chair. UNTESTED. Bid accordingly
215.Basket of power wheel chair parts.
216.Power wheel chair lift for truck or van. Working when removed from truck. See Pictures. (Lift Only, Truck Not included)
217.25" Sanyo TV and Dish Network 322 receiver. No remote for TV or receiver. Both power on, Cannot test any further.
218.Montgomery Ward Projector, Powers on, Cannot test any further.
219.2' x 2' mirror with picture.
220.Small wood shelf. 32"H x 26"W x 13"D
221.Liberty Falls Collection. 76 boxes, Some boxes have multiple pieces,More than 150 pieces including houses,windmills, trees, people, mailboxes, animals and other items. Book included. Auction Quantity is 125 pieces but winner will get ALL Pieces shown on table. (Table not included)


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